• My card has been lost or stolen. What shall I do?

    You must report it as soon as possible by telephone, through the Bizi application, in your User Zone on the website or at the User Service Office. We will then block the lost or stolen card. In case it is a 'Tarjeta Ciudadana' or 'Lazo' card, remember you have to contact the corresponding organisation to cancel it.

  • My card has been lost or stolen and I have already reported it.

    If you have a 'Tarjeta Ciudadana' or 'Lazo' card, request a duplicate from the corresponding organisation. Once you have the new card, tell us and we will activate the service again. If your service access mode is the Bizi Card, we will tell you how to proceed when you report the loss or theft.

  • My card is blocked and I don't know why.

    Go to “User Menu” and find out the reason it is blocked. Possible reasons:
     -You have a bicycle in use
     -We were unable to debit a charge from your bank account
     -Penalty for excessive use or exceeding 24 hours


  • How long can I continuously use the bicycle?

    Free of charge for 30 minutes. After that time, for each 30-minute period, additional charges will apply, which you can see on the “Subscriptions and prices” page. After 2 hours of use, a penalty and additional charges for each hour will apply.

  • Can I take one bicycle for me and another for a companion with my card?

    No. A single user cannot have more than one bicycle in use.

  • I have used my card but there are no bicycles available at the station. What shall I do?

    If you want to pick up a bicycle and you are at an empty station, place your card on the reader or type in your access code and password. The screen will show you nearby stations with available bicycles.

  • The bank card I signed up with has expired or been renewed. Should I do something?

    Yes. Go to “My Account” and enter the new details in the “Update bank details” section.

  • What shall I do if there are no slots available at a station and I want to return the bicycle?

    Place your card on the reader at the station and it will show you nearby stations with available return slots. You will also have an additional 10 minutes to get there at no extra cost.

  • There are bicycles at the station but the screen says there are not. What is going on?

    If there are bicycles but the system says there are none, that is because the bicycles are out of order and awaiting repair. In that case, remember that you have the option of seeing the nearest station with available bicycles.

  • The bicycle I was given is not in good condition. What should I do?

    If you find a bicycle is out of order, you have 3 minutes to return it to a slot and place your card on the reader or enter your access code and password again to take a new bicycle. We recommend turning the saddle around to show other users that the bicycle is out of order.

  • I have just returned a bicycle and when I tried to take another, the service would not let me. Why?

    You have to wait 10 minutes after returning the previous bicycle to take another one.

  • How long is the temporary subscription valid for?

    72 hours after you use it for the first time.


  • Can I cancel the service?

    Yes, in the “My Account” section. Bear in mind that this option is irreversible and has immediate effect. Before you do it, make sure you definitely want to.

  • I have cancelled my account by accident. What should I do now?

    Cancellation is irreversible and has immediate effect. Even if it is a mistake, if you would like to continue to use Bizi, you must buy a new subscription.

  • From what age can I use the service?

    Without authorisation, from 18 years old.
    With authorisation, from 16 years old.

    People under 18 can use the service by presenting the following documents at the User Service Office:

    • The ID card of the mother, father or legal guardian.
    • The ID card of the subscription holder.
    • Authorisation filled in and signed by the mother, father or legal guardian. Download it here
    • Terms and Conditions of Use signed by the mother, father or legal guardian.
    • Family Record Book or birth certificate stating the names of the mother, father or legal guardian and the minor.
  • It is less than 30 days until my annual subscription will be renewed and I have not received a notification.

    Please enter “My Account”, go to the personal details section and check your e-mail address is correct. If it is incorrect, change it; and if it is correct, contact us 976 53 28 12 and report the incident.

  • Does Bizi have some kind of insurance?

    Yes, Bizi users have three types of insurance included in the price of their active subscription.
    Civil liability insurance
    Accident insurance
    Legal assistance insurance

    Find out about them on the “How it works” page.

  • Someone has stolen the bicycle. What should I do?

    In case of theft, you must immediately inform Bizi and go to the police to report it. Take the original copy of the police report to the User Service Office and present it there. They will assess the case and unblock your card, if appropriate.

  • Should I place my card on the reader after each use?

    Yes. And you must also check that when you do so, the message “Bicycle returned correctly” appears. Otherwise, contact Bizi.

  • I have had an accident. What should I do?

    Report it to the police and our User Service Office. Remember to fill in the relevant documents so the insurance company can handle the case.

  • Is the annual subscription automatically renewed?


  • Is the temporary subscription automatically renewed?


  • Can I cancel renewal of the annual subscription?

    Yes, this option appears in the "My account" section when you log in to the website. You can cancel the renewal of your subscription at any time. Despite carrying out the cancellation, you are allowed to continue making use of the subscription until the last day of your subscription.