Usage Rules

Usage rules


Bizi Zaragoza usage rules


  • Always follow the Service Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • The annual or temporary pass is personal and non-transferable.
  • The person who purchased the pass is responsible for the bicycle from the time it is picked up from the station until it is returned.
  • People under 16 years old may not use Bizi Zaragoza and those between 16 and 18 years old require signed authorisation from their mother, father or legal guardian, which must be presented at the User Service Office.
  • If you spot anything wrong with the bike when you pick it up, return it to any free slot in the station within 3 minutes and request a bike again. The system will then release a new one.
  • If the destination station is full, place your card on the reader or enter your access code and password and you will have an extra 10 minutes of use, as well as information about nearby stations where you can return the bicycle.


Bizi Zaragoza riding rules


  • You must follow the regulations in force concerning bicycle riding. Download the municipal by-laws
  • Ride on cycle paths whenever possible.
  • Do not ride in the bus lane.
  • Pay special attention to cars, vans and lorries when cycling. The main reason people on bicycles have accidents is their limited angle of vision.
  • Do not secure the bicycle to trees, traffic lights, benches or bins. Do not park in loading and unloading areas or those reserved for disabled people.
  • No more than one person must ride on each bike.
  • Bizi Zaragoza bicycles cannot be used or transported in other forms of public transport.
  • When you have to ride on the road, you must follow the traffic rules like any other vehicle.
  • Pedestrians always have right of way.
  • Indicate before overtaking and turning manoeuvres.


Penalties and charges



  • Exceeding 2 hours' continuous use of the service.
  • If you have an annual pass, your card will be blocked after 3 penalties.
  • If you have a temporary pass, your card will be blocked after just one penalty.




  • Every time you use the service, the first 30 minutes are free and there is an additional charge for each 30-minute period up to 2 hours. See the Prices
  • If you have not returned the bicycle within 24 hours of picking it up, there will be an immediate charge of €200 in addition to the penalty on your pass.